This writeup will teach you the clever ways of how to make your video go viral, getting lots of these factors such as views, likes, comments and engagements.

These factors are exactly what defines a successful YouTube marketing campaign in terms of advert, exposure and promotion to achieve certain purposes such as getting patronage, sales and revenue.

In the world of internet marketing, ever wondered why millions of videos are being uploaded on YouTube almost everyday with over 2 billion users currently logged in on a daily basis.
And you know why?
Because YouTube happens to be one of the biggest search engine websites in the whole world, infact the second after Google.

Now, one will begin wondering how a video can amass a lot of views within a short space of time? It is simply because of these statistics i have mentioned above.

But if you go through YouTube critically, you will observe that there are some videos that get barely get views for months running into years but you begin to ponder how come?
Well, such is life.
But if you fall into such category of low views, don’t lose hope.
All you need do is to make your video go viral by promoting it across all board and that is exactly what this writeup will teach you.

So, without delay, lets dive in.


One trick to getting lots of views is by evoking emotions using quotes, story-telling, suspense, action in your videos etc. such videos connects the viewers with its content and leaves them with no choice that to continue watching and coming back for more.
A good example is this video channel: Beautiful Quotes And Stories
As you can see below, it has most of its videos with over 3 or 4 or 5 millions of views in just 1 year.

That tells you the power of emotions.
So if you want to go viral, make your videos more like story-telling with touch of feelings and tone.
If you want to market a new product e.g. a new body camera, simply instead of going straight and telling its origin, features, uses etc, why not say a story about how it helped the police solved a very difficult case by tracking down the real identity murder suspect?


Aside the YouTube channel(inspirational quotes and stories) i have posted above, see these videos from other channels below;

YouTube Channel: 5-Minute Crafts

Youtube Channel: Bright Side

Looking at the videos from these 2 channels, you can see that they are not very long but moderate: (that is not too short, not too long) e.g. within 1–10 minutes
Why should you go for moderate length of time?.
It is because Internet users are impatient; they skim and don’t have all the time in the world to read or watch full videos.
This is not just an opinion but fact.
And it is because aside other factors, there are so much other videos content competing with yours for viewers to watch.
So you will be doing yourself a whole good if you keep your videos short and straight to the point.


If you can out those YouTube channel videos above, you can spot such headlines as:
- What if you didn’t use soap for 1 month
- 21 parent hacks: easy tricks for crafty…..
- if there is a ring around the sun, find shelter first etc

These headlines have the potential to push a viewer to push the play button to watch to get more info about it.
That is another reason while it gets lots of views daily
So do same for yours as well while creating your videos.
For example, if you want to advertise a new security device, instead of saying: “The latest security Camera Device To Secure Your House”, use this instead: “How This New security Camera Trickes Intruders From Breaking Into homes”.


If you are describing any new product, event or services in form of promotion and advertisement, explain in clear terms how to use such products: put them in action and not just its features, origin and attributes alone.
If you check videos from 5-Minutes craft, majority of them are ACTIONABLE.
That is exactly what viewers are looking our for when watching products videos on youtube.
Just explain how it is done with screenshots, images and live examples.

No beating about the bush.

Below is an example of a youtube video on how to make pancakes at home.
It not only promotes pancakes snacks but describes how to make it. And because of that, over 1 million persons have watched this video as shown below;

So, if you can do such for your video, good!


There are several websites that offer paid promotions to help youtubers get lots of views for their videos. Such promotions comes in various packages depending on what suits you.
I am also a youtuber and the website i use to promote my videos which i highly recommend for you is Sprizzy Video Promotional Site.

Operating on Google Ad Platform, your video will be promoted as an Advertisement directly on YouTube in 3 different ways:

1. As a “recommended” video alongside similar videos (also known as “discovery” ads).
2. As a “commercial” before similar videos (also known as “in-stream” ads).
3. As a “featured” search result (also known as YouTube “search” ads). When a YouTube user performs a search for one of your keywords, your video will be displayed at the top of the results.

To learn more about Sprizzy, visit them by clicking the link below here:


for more information

Aside views, they also offer likes and comments as well.


Aside youtube, uploading your video to other sites helps expose it more to new audience to get more views.
A few of them are facebook, instagram, twitch, liveleak, veoh, break and many others of which can be assessed here: video sharing sites.
Imagine the kind of more exposure and engagements your videos will get as compared to a video that is only uploaded on youtube alone.

Uploading your videos across such sites can be very stressful and tiring, but you can contract it out to freelancers and internet marketers to help you out.
Fiverr is a good place where you can find them here: Access Fiverr Here

There, for as little as $5, you can get your video uploaded to over 100+ video sharing and submission sites with ease.

Important Tips To Note:

1. To get your videos viral, you have to put in lots of hardwork and efforts to drive traffic to your videos by uploading them across all available platforms on the internet such as blogs, social media networks, forums etc, not just YouTube alone.
2. In addition, carry out SEO optimization just like its done for blog posts by creating high quality backlinks across high quality blogs to boost your video rankings on Google and youtube.
3. After uploading, don’t expect results immediately or after some few time. Allow it gain some momentum for some time, say 1–3 months before you begin seeing little results for a start.

So, finally if you are interested in setting up a freelance online business and want to promote it via video marketing, setting up a youtube channel and making your videos go viral is the best way to go these days.


I hope this tutorial has done a bit of justice to your question of clever ways to get a video go viral.
But i want you to note something here.
Listen carefully!
Rome wasn’t built in a day. Hence, video promotion is not like a play-and-forget kind of stuff.
Allow it some time to gain some authority, recognition and relevance on google eyes before you begin expecting some results though depending on your level of promotion.

Thanks for your time, attention and understanding.
If you have any questions, issues or comments, feel free to drop them for i will be available 100% to respond to them.
Bye for now.

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