This question has generated many controversies among potential clients and freelancers based on 2 major factors:
First, the reputation of Seoclerks among other freelance sites in the freelancing world.
Second, the rumored notion that low cost services are services of LOW quality. In other words, meaning that the lower the cost of a product/service, the lower its quality and vice versa.

However, no cause for worry for i am here to deal decisively with this issue by researching these services on seoclerks, coming up with statistics, backing up my claim with evidences, set records straight and put this matter finally to rest, hence the essence of writing this content.

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Now, Lets continue.
To put an end to this controversy, Let us carry out a critical case study of the services that sellers offer on seoclerks.
we will scrutinize the $1 SEO services based on these 3 criteria:

1. Percentage ratings

2. Number of Thumb ups/downs

3. Feedback review messages.

Why these 3 criteria?
These are the top factors that describes the buyers’ overall judgment of the quality and satisfaction of all seoclerks’ services. The Higher the Quality of the service deliveries, the more satisfaction buyers are and the higher the percentage ratings of the services.

Now, back to our main topic experiment. It is very simple. visit seoclerks website to create an account by clicking “JOIN”.

If you are new to “seoclerks” and need information on everything about it, i have put up an article for you specially here: Everything To Know About Seoclerks
You can go through it at your convenient time and even learn how to make money from it.

Lets get back to our topic.
After creating an account, you login and browse through the home/front page.

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you will observe that the costs of services varies i.e. $1, $2,$3, $4, $5 up to $1000.

Then, on the front-page, we filter out the services offered at $1 using the “sort by default” settings on the Left-Hand-Side (LHS) of the front-page screen. We click on the “sort by default” settings, a dropdown menu appears and we click on “PRICE (LOW TO HIGH) option”.
See image below.

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Once done, we will closely examine these services based on these 3 criteria we mentioned above.

Lets get down to business


Let us start with percentage ratings. The percentage ratings of a seller reflect the overall feedback ratings of all buyers who have ordered for the services of such seller.
Moreover, if we observe very carefully, almost all the sellers on front-page are over 99%, which is very good. The numbers in bracket(close to the percentages) indicates the number of buyers that have bought and review its sellers’ services.
This image below illustrates what i am talking about.

Image for post
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Also from the image above, you can see that the services are one dollar services (in purple box).

Scrolling down and going to second page, you will observe the same thing too and even for third page and so on as shown below;

Image for post
Image for post
Image for post
Image for post

Definitely, this is one strong evidence that tells us that one dollar services are 100% and of high quality.


Secondly, we look at number of thumbs up and thumb down. On the front-page, you will observe that majority of the $1 services have higher number of thumbs up (than thumb downs) by its buyers which can be noticed in its sister website as shown below:

Image for post
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You can cross-check it out yourself here for better understanding and clarity: SEO Services
In addition, if you click on any 3, 5 or 10 random services and examine them one by one, you will notice the same thing too. This is another concrete proof to the fact that majority of buyers are very satisfied with seoclerks services generally.
Below shows the number of review ratings and thumb-ups of 3 services that we picked at random and examined very well.

Image for post
Image for post
Image for post
Image for post
Image for post
Image for post


On the third criteria which is Review feedback messages, looking at services on the first, second, third pages etc, if you observe each of the services by opening them and reading each of their buyers’ reviews messages, you will strongly notice that majority of the reviews are positive as compared to the negative ones as you can see in this image below

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If this is true which is, then this further re-affirms the authenticity of the services on seoclerks.

For more information surrounding this topic, you can read further in this special article i have put up for you here: Is seoclerks of low quality or scam

Now, let me correct some insinuations on why seoclerks allows services at one dollar price.
In the first place, unlike fiverr, why does seoclerks allow services at $1?
It is because so that it can be cheap, affordable and accessible to potential buyers irrespective of their financial strength, especially to low income bloggers.
On the other hand, about 80% of services rendered on seoclerks are mainly about search engine optimization, hence, this offers an opportunity for individuals and companies to order such services to boost their business online via search engine rankings and high volume traffic.


On a final note, Traffic statistics proves that Seoclerks controls over 620,000 traffic visitors monthly, making it the second biggest freelance website, (aside fiverr that is first) because its services are not only cheap, affordable and accessible but also of high quality based on the high percentage ratings of its sellers and their respective services.

Closing down, with these few points stated above, we can honestly agree that products and services sold on seoclerks are 100% REAL and LEGITIMATE in all ramifications.
So no need to entertain any fear or doubt. Feel free to browse as you wish anytime anyday and if any issue arises, you can contact their customer support staff.


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Internet Marketer and an SEO tutor with specialization in website search engine rankings and traffic visitors.

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