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Linkcollider and Seoestore Review: How Brain Dean (Owner of Backlinko) Dominated 1st Page Google Rankings Using Social Media, Backlinks and Content.

To boost your website google rankings, 3 factors are of utmost importance here.
They are as follows:
1. High Quality Backlinks
2. Great Content
3. Social Media exposure.

PLEASE NOTE: This content is reader-supported, which means if you click on some of our links in this post, we may earn an affiliate commission.

And these are the 3 factors that Brain Dean,

(an internationally recognized SEO expert), attained 1st page rankings for his website, Backlinko, for several of his target keywords such as High quality backlinks, link building, ahrefs tool and many others.
They are as shown below as pictures do not lie

“High quality backlinks” keyword

“Ahrefs tool” Keyword

“Link building” keyword

You can cross-check them for yourself to confirm my findings

Now, Lets do a critical analysis of how he achieved this feat based on the 3 factors listed above.
We start with “Backlinks”.


One big factor that contributed to brain dean success is how he was able to create high quality backlinks by publishing in-depth, well-researched contents that other bloggers would love to link to as references.
Having started his backlinko blog in year 2012, he carried out promotional strategies to boost his contents. Strategies such as Guest-posting, Resource pages, broken link building, ultimate guides etc until he became widely known in the internet marketing world that he no longer needs to create backlinks anymore.
Presently, he doesn't need to struggle to create backlinks.
All he does is to create powerful contents and get bloggers linking to this content, thus through that process, creates backlinks for him.

But Nowadays, competition is very tough. Creating high quality backlinks is almost like passing through the eye of a needle.
No wonder this has left many bloggers wallowing in the 30th google page results.

But hey, do not freak out. i have good news for you.
I have discovered one great way to create high quality backlinks for your website at very cheap and affordable rates which has worked for me perfectly.
In fact, they are 2 of them.

They are

  1. Using Seoestore
  2. Through Fiverr

But before i let it out, what truly constitute a high quality backlink?

A High Quality Backlink is a link that comes from High Domain Authority (DA) websites e.g. DA 50, DA 70 etc and Seoestore is the right place to obtain such backlinks for your website.
As shown below, you can order for DA 70+, DA50+, DA30+ backlinks services etc as shown below;

Each backlink ranges from $0.07-$0.25 so you can choose any one depending on your budget.
To order, please go through these steps:

Step 1: Click this link: Seoestore to register an account and click “Register” as shown below;

This registration box appears as shown below and fill in your details: username, email and password, after which you click “register”

Once you have registered your account, you need to fund it by clicking “Add funds”
You can do that via paypal, payoneer, netteller, Visa or Bitcoin.
Once funding is done, you are now order for any of the backlinks service.
For example, if you go for DA70+ backlinks, you can order for 20 backlinks which gives us 20 @ $0.25 each gives us $5.0
You can buy more of less or go for other backlinks, depending on your budget.

Now, after you have placed an order, you can view order report by clicking “Reports”

That is all.
As you can see, you do not need to stress yourself creating backlinks, seoestore will do the job for you.
There are other backlinks service such as Link Pyramid, SEO campaigns, web 2.0 blogs etc. You can order them if you wish.

Step 2: Through Fiverr

We are done with the 1st method. Remember i said they are 2, so the second one is through Fiverr.
Fiverr is an online marketplace where freelancers trades services in various categories for as low as $5. Such categories covers graphic design, digital marketing, video & animation, writing & translation, lifestyle, music, programming etc.

All you need do is to register an account by clicking thier link here: Fiverr Website, search for sellers who offer high quality DA backlinks service and place your order.
If you need guidance on everything about fiverr, i have put up this wonderful tutorial exclusively for you by clicking here: Everything To Know About Fiverr

Now, after creating your account, use the search option to filter out backlinks sellers by typing “High quality backlinks” in the search box as shown below;

After typing it, click “search” in the green box, you will see a list of sellers that offers backlinks service. It is up to you to pick and order from any seller based on thier reviews, your budget, prices etc.

Aside these 2 methods above, you can create these backlinks yourself if you wish to master the skill or you are low on budget.
I have put up an article on it here: How To Create High Quality Backlinks
Feel free to read it at your convenient time.

Let move on to the next which is …………Social Media


This part entails sharing your content on various social media platforms such as Facebook, twitter, Google, pinterest, YouTube etc but the most prominent of them all is Facebook and twitter.
Before i continue, On backlinko website, take a look at these social shares(facebook and twitter) on these contents;

From these 3 contents listed above, you can see that each content has thousands of Facebook and Twitter Shares each.
Though Social media may not be a direct google ranking factor but they create nofollow backlinks and drive lots of traffic visitors to these contents from Facebook and twitter users.
tell me,
Why wont google rank these contents high in its results?
Of course, Google will.
Truly speaking.
The general rule is this:
When a webpage content begins to receive lots of traffic visitors, it acts as a signal that these people love such contents, hence google will reward them by ranking them higher in its rankings so more persons can access them easily.

But the bottom line is this;
How do we get lots of social shares for our webpage contents, especially if we are just starting out?
The answer is not far-fetched.
The solution lies in a special tool called LinkCollider.
Linkcollider is a social media tool where you can get social media shares, likes, tweets, followers, pins, subscribers, posts for your website and social media platforms.
Lets watch this video below for some understanding of what linkcollider is about;

All you need do is this:

  1. Visit thier website by clicking here: LinkCollider to register an account.

2. After that, you can choose to register directly via your email or using your Facebook or google account.

3. Then, you add your website or any of your social media accounts to it as shown below;
Click “SUBMIT A WEBSITE”, then, select “personal/business website” to add to your account.

4. Once done, what you need next is “Tokens”. An there are 2 options to it. You can buy or collect them by carrying out various social media tasks such as as doing likes, shares, tweets, subscribing, making posts, becoming followers etc shown below:

As you carry out these activities, you earn tokens that are set for them by other users on linkcollider
Or you can choose to upgrade or buy them via monthly or yearly subscription

Whichever package you choose, the choice is yours.

Finally on this,
Building a large social fan base takes time and effort but you dont need to go through these anymore to get your content shared across social media platforms..
Linkcollider is capable of doing the job for you.


We may ask,
what constitutes a great content?
According to neil patel, it is an well-researched, in-depth content with images, screenshots, links (internal and external) and videos for better understanding by the readers. It also contains backup data and videos for visual illustrations too.

And these features are exactly what makes up majority of web contents on backlinko site.
They say images do lie. See below;

Research proves that readers are MORE ENGAGED to in-depth contents with images and videos that contents that dont have such.
Infact, ask yourself this question
Which of these 2 contents will readers be attracted to?
A content with blocks of texts with little or no illustrations (images, videos etc)
Another content with lots of sub-headlines and paragraphs containing lots of images and videos?
Which one will you go for?
The former or latter?
The second content of course.
No wonder over 511,000 visitors troop to this website every month to read his contents as shown below;


So, if you are facing difficult hitting google first page or getting lots of traffic visitors, this tutorial should act as a Blueprint for you to beat your competitors to google first page in no distant time.


Finally! Finally!!
We are done.
I hope this writeup has truly proven how Brain dean conquers the internet marketing niche, even knocking off authoritative sites like forbes, entrepreneur, wordstream of thier 1st page positions.
If he can achieve such magnificent feat, you can too
But i must warn you seriously
This is NOT a FIX-QUICK kind of business.
Ranking on 1st page is a gradual process and it takes time and effort,
So, do not think you will just rank high within weeks of implementing these steps.
The only advantage is that you will start noticing positive results sooner than usual as compared to someone else. Hence, dont be discouraged.

Now, the table is yours.

What do you think about this writeup?
Are you going to try these methods out?
Do you have any questions to ask?
Either way, post them for i will try to respond to your comments, suggestions, questions, statements etc.
Thanks for your time and patience.
I await your responses.

Internet Marketer and an SEO tutor with specialization in website search engine rankings and traffic visitors.

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